St.Camillus Foundation of Thailand ŹԸԤйѡح觻
"Preach the gospel Heal the sicks"
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Camillian in Thailand
St.Camillus  foundation  of  thailand  
Camillian Social Center Rayong
Relief center for HIV/AIDS people 
Camillian Social Center Chantaburi 
Home for the Aged 
Camillian hospital Bangkok 
general hospital 
Camillian Social Center Sampran  
Formation House
Home for the Aged
Social activity at Thajaburi

Camillian Social Center Prachinburi  
Center for the poor and abandoned elders 
Minor seminary Sriracha  
San Camillo hospital Banpong 

general hospital
Clinic for Leprosy-skin diseases at  thawa
Dr.Peter Bolech Village Chon Bueng

Camillian Social Center Chiang-rai 
Educational center for the poor hill-tribe children 
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